Welcome to My Blog

Let me introduce myself . . .

John Kendrick
Residence: Maryland, U.S.A.
Occupation: Manage technology training center for local government.
Family: Husband to my best friend since age 15, and father of two great daughters and three wonderful granddaughters.

What’s Important In My Life
I am 53 years of age and I live in Maryland, U.S.A. with my best friend and wife Sandy. We’ve been together since age 15 and were married in 1974. We have two grown daughters, three granddaughters and one grandson. I am a believer and follower of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Romans 10:9-10, and active in my local church.

I am a retired police officer since 1997 after 24 years of service, and have been working in the IT industry since 1985. I currently manage a computer training center for a large local government maintaining five training labs with 70 Windows workstations, and responsible for the technology training of approximately 10,000 employees. My wife Sandy is an Independent Herbalife Distributor.

Biggest Surprise
In January, 2006, I switched my personal computer at home to a Mac, an iMac G5, and since then have moved my wife to an iMac and a MacBook Pro that she uses for her many sewing projects. After watching us make the switch, my two daughters and father-in-law, all long time Windows users have also made the switch. While not proclaiming myself a fanboy (I think I am too old for that anyway), I am passionate about Macs, and also have an iPhone.

Thanks for visiting and I would be grateful for any comments you choose to leave. John

6 thoughts on “Welcome to My Blog

  1. jbkendrick says:

    Good points. The current cost of the iPhone is $399 + $69 if you want to extend the warranty to two years. There may also be an activation fee, which I believe was $39.00 back in June when the iPhone was released. Here is the current rate plan quoted from the Apple website.

    “To use iPhone, you’ll need to sign up for a 2-year service agreement. Plans start at $59.99 and include Visual Voicemail and Unlimited Data — email and web — and 200 SMS text messages (you can add more text messages for a little more a month). You can browse the Internet and send emails as often as you like without being charged extra.”

    You can see more details on available rate plans at http://www.apple.com/iphone/easysetup/rateplans.html

  2. I’m having a bit of problems reading the closing of the clause. The final paragraph gets interrupted midway complete. You should have a look at that.However, the rest of the read was good!

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