~More iPhone Insights

I thought I would pass along some more iPhone insights in this week’s blog.

I have been sort of a maniac about looking for webapps for the iPhone, spending hours reviewing the hottest web 2.0 applications. Yes, I did try hacking my iPhone and installing some of the unauthorized native applications, but that didn’t go so well. The iPhone would constantly lockup and have to be restarted, and to be honest, the Ajax applications are really good, and most important rock stable. So, I restored the phone to its non-hacked state and went back to the web applications.

There are hundreds of applications out there, but in this post I’ll just mention a few that have served me well so far. I even found one new one today that I’ll add to the list as I’m sure it will be oft used.

  • Google search (search formatted for iPhone) at http://www.google.com/uds/samples/iphone/isearch.html
  • iPhone Atom (news by category formatted for iPhone) at http://www.iphoneatom.com/iphoneatom.aspx#_home
  • Jive Talk (Chat for AIM, MSN, Yahoo, etc.) Great interface for iPhone. There are others but I like this one the best at https://iphone.beejive.com:8189/ajax/
  • SoonR (Remote connect to your PC(s) from your iPhone) Get access to the documents, pictures, email and other files on any PC with an incredible spotlight like search routine. I have access to my wife’s and my iMac right from my iPhone and can search for files and email them to myself or others, view all of the pictures stored on either machine and even play a slide show of a picture folder. Even search through the email on either or both machines. The search routine is really incredible and easy to perform on the iPhone. https://www.soonr.com/mobile/index.jsp
  • Weather Radar (Doppler Radar by zipcode formatted for the iPhone) at http://apple.accuweather.com/widget/iphone1/iphone.html
  • Cheap Gas (List of gas prices by zipcode) Unfortunately this one hasn’t been working lately, but I include it here because it was one of my favorites. Perhaps the author or someone else will get the sight back up and running at http://gasapp.com/
  • Coupon Search (Find Internet Coupons by Category) I thought this one was great until my wife pointed out that we would need a printer in the car! I wonder how we could to that? Nice to browse anyway at http://www.icoupie.com/#_home.
  • Sports Scores (Get up-to-the-minute scores from the NFL, NHL, NBA, etc.) While not much of a sports fan myself, this site is so well done I thought I’d pass it on for those that need to know how their favorite teams are doing at http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/iphone/sports/
  • Tip Calculator (Calculate the tip and split the bill) at http://iphonetipper.com/
  • TV Forecast (Find out what and when for your favorite TV Shows) Do you wonder when your beloved TV series or reality show will start a new season, or the topic of this week’s show? This one has it all and can be personalized for your favorite shows at http://www.bigbucketblog.com/webtv/
  • Movies (Show times by Theatre or Movie) at http://www.moviesapp.com/#_moviesapp
  • Newspapers (Read the Major Headlines from the Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal) Great site to read the major news with unique formatting for iPhone at http://www.widgetinfo.net/iphone/
  • Online Bible (KJV formatted for iPhone) Large readable text in the KJV that I prefer. This site provides a convenient and quick way to look at passages while listening to my podcast sermons and studies at http://iphone.clearsight.org/index2.php#_Bible
  • Dictionary (iPhone Dictionary) at http://idotg.com/apps/iword.php#_home

As I’ve been listing my favorites, I realize that I have only scratched the surface, so if you are yearning for more, visit http://www.ipodapplications.com/interface/ for a long list of iPhone apps listed by category. Oh, I didn’t even list any games. That will have to wait for another post. Have fun! John

3 thoughts on “~More iPhone Insights

  1. Marcela says:

    I have Jive talk (BEE JIVE) in my iPhone, and disappear the Buddies list….Now I can’t to see if my friends are on line or off line.
    Please, I need to know how I can add again the Buddies list in my iPhone.
    Thanks a lot

  2. jbkendrick says:

    A couple things come to mind Marcela. Make sure you are logged in and online. If you don’t see your buddy list when navigating to the site, click on the Login button in the upper right corner. There is a settings button (use the wheel icon) that will login automatically each time you navigate to the site, make sure that is turned on, and there are also some buddy settings that you might want to check. Also, make sure that you mark yourself available and see if they show up. I am not sure how the site works, but it may use cookies to save your buddy list. If it does and you clear your cookies in the Safari settings, you may need to add your buddy list back in. Let me know how that works for you. John

  3. ryanc says:

    nice entry, i was looking for more sites tailored to the iphone safari browser (i just got my iphone a week ago and i can’t stop browsing on it!). i don’t know how much of your readership uses facebook.com, but they’ve done a really great job of making an iphone friendly version of their site. even if you don’t use it it’s worth checking out… they’ve set the bar for me thus far.

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