~1Password Does Webforms on the iPhone

Finally, the genius’ at 1Password have come to the rescue of iPhone users everywhere with an ingenious method for filling in webforms and passwords without having to type them on your iPhone.

First a bit of background on 1Password for those who aren’t familiar with this incredibly useful application. It is basically a form filler, that integrates with popular OS X browsers: Safari, OmniWeb, DEVONagent, FireFox, Camino, and Flock, but goes way beyond the native capabilities built into those browsers, providing access to all your important fill in information with one password, hence its name.

The news is that the latest 2.5.10 update just released is able to not only transfer all of your password and forms information to your iPhone, which it has been able to do for some time now through Safari’s bookmarks, but now it provides you with a bookmarklet to fill in forms and login information while browsing sites on your iPhone. When you access a site that is requesting information, you just tap on the bookmark button at the bottom of the Safari window on your iPhone (pic #1) and then tap the 1Password Logins bookmark (pic #2). When it opens it will have each unique entry previously saved for that site, and you simply type your 1Password and tap the userid provided (pic #3), and it automatically fills in that userid and password for you and submits it. All you need to remember is one password, it does the rest. And it does all this using only the browser, no jailbreaking required!

1Password on the iPhone
Photo courtesy of 1Password.com

But 1Password isn’t just for your iPhone, in fact you need to install it on the computer you use to synch your iPhone as that is how the bookmarks, through which the forms information is transferred, are created. So make sure you take advantage of its other great features.

Here is a list of some of the best features available from the 1P button added to your browser’s toolbar.

1Password Menu

Submits UserID and Password for You
Most of us have way too many passwords to remember. So what do we do? Well, to be honest we pick one and use it for everything. This is a recipe for disaster. If one of your passwords is compromised, they all are in danger. 1Password remembers all of the logins (both username and password) that I enter from the browser. And then when I revisit a site, it automatically fills in the userid and password for me and even hits the submit button.

Strong Password Generation
Now that I don’t need to remember my passwords, I can create strong passwords, long passwords with a variety of letters, numbers and symbols in them that I would never remember on my own. But you don’t have to think up these cryptic passwords because 1Password creates them for you, with the click of a button.

Forms Completion
Another convenient feature I use all of the time is the form fill in feature. Whether you’re being required to register to leave a comment on a blog, or complete shipping information in a shopping cart, 1Password will fill it in for you. The coolest part is you can create and save multiple identities, and simply select the one you want to use for the form. One name and email address to use for “junk” sites, and another when you want to provide your real identity. You can even save different credit card information, and choose the one you want to use when making an online purchase.

Phishing Protection
Here’s another great bonus. Using a forms filler like 1Password prevents successful phishing attacks. There is no phishing attack invented yet that can trick an automated Form Filler. Form fillers will only ever fill a form with your user id and password if the domain matches exactly. This means a phisher has to hijack the official domain (i.e. paypal.com) in order to steal your login. While this does happen, it doesn’t last long, and as such is much less likely to affect you. Since 1Password avoids the keyboard completely, keyloggers will also never have a chance to compromise your information.

Data Encryption
All data is securely kept within the built-in OS X Keychain program which uses strong encryption technology. By default the “login” keychain is unlocked when a user logs in, which could pose a security risk. To combat this, 1Passwd creates a new keychain upon installation, and all information stored by 1Passwd is kept there. This new keychain will not open when you log in, but instead you will be prompted for the Keychain password when you attempt to retrieve and save information. Additionally, the keychain will automatically re-lock after 60 minutes of inactivity, or whenever the computer sleeps.

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