~More “Getting Things Done”

Its been a few weeks since I implemented my first GTD (Getting Things Done) system, and I cannot even imagine how I survived without it. I have proven to myself that a properly implemented GTD is a great stress reducer. Every time I receive or take a task at a meeting, or in an email message or even just a random thought as I go through my day, I immediately get it into my GTD system and forget about it. No need to worry, because I’ve put it in my trusted system.

Now I know what your thinking. He’s got to run to his computer, or get to his planner to make that happen. Well, not really. I’ve found several different techniques and two absolutely cool methods of getting those things I don’t want to forget into my GTD.

  1. Since I use Nozbe to store my GTD, my system is available on my Windows computer at work or my Mac at home. So if I am in front of one of those devices, (or a friend or coworker’s computer for that matter) I can quickly and easily enter the task, note or file into my system.
  2. Since I use iNozbe on my iPhone, I am able to access my GTD from anywhere. I can enter tasks or notes into the application running in the Safari browser on the phone. (iNozbe has one of the best web-based implementations for the iPhone) The best thing about having access from my cell phone is that I can look through my projects and next actions during the many, though short, idle moments during the day.
  3. I can also just email a task or note into my GTD with the Nozbe email feature. This works great for forwarding information or tasks received in an email message. I just forward a message to myaccount.pin.project@nozbe.us, and the next time I look at my GTD, there it is!
  4. And another incredible feature I just started using is Jott. Nozbe has teamed up with Jott to provide call in service to your GTD. I just call my special Jott telephone number (on speed dial of course) and announce my task, and it is instantly entered into my task list. I can even call in a reminder and at the specified time, Jott will send an SMS message to my cell phone.

If you haven’t read my original post entitled A New Way of Getting Things Done you will find more of my initial experiences there, along with some pics of both the Nozbe and iNozbe applications at work.

Go ahead and give it a test drive yourself with a free account. You might find, like me, that once you start GTD you can’t stop.

17 thoughts on “~More “Getting Things Done”

  1. jonathangreenwood says:

    Hi John,

    I am really satisfied with GTDInbox and I will try Nozbe to see if it compares. Nozbe does look to have more features which may be confusing – I like to keep things simple. GTDInbox is of course only available for Firefox and one needs a GMail account so I guess it could be limiting for some people.

    Thanks for the tip about Nozbe!


  2. Hey John

    First of all, thanks for your comment. Secondly, I guess you can’t really just compare different GTD apps that easily. I mean, everyone has a different NEED.

    I don’t work on a PC at all, I only work on my MacBook and I don’t have an iPhone(yet! hehe).. so I think I’d opt for OmniFocus since you can have a system-wide shortcut key combo to bring a dialog up to capture tasks on the fly without interrupting your work process. And also because it integrates well with Mail and iCal – so when I sync it with my mobile phone, all my data is on there.

    *goes to mark the task of “writing this comment” off his todo list* hehe ;)

  3. jessica says:

    john –
    i didn’t read your comments on this blog but i came across an old one from Dec regarding your success in getting your mac to work with your wifes Bernina embroidery machine. i was wondering if you would be willing to help me with a couple issues i am having?

  4. jbkendrick says:

    Jessica – we’ve put lots of our experiences as have other contributors regarding the use of Bernina (Artista) software with Macs in a group forum at http://groups.google.com/group/bernina-on-macs?lnk=srg Start out looking at the FAQ and then leave any questions you have on the forum and some one will get back to you quickly. Several of us monitor the forum and you will find that you get responses fairly quickly there. BTW, the Artista software works great on a Mac! John

  5. davidabrahams says:

    Hi John thanks for your comments on my blog. Very interesting to hear that you are using Jott as well (We don’t get it here in Australia). It sounds like a perfect collection point for all incoming GTD. Just checking out Nozbe thanks for the tip.

  6. Nicolas says:

    Hi John,

    GTD is really on of best methods to get organized and to become more effective. I had a look at nozbe and it reminds me the tool I am actually using. I have been on Toodledo for a while already and it also offers the GTD method as well as mobile access. My only concern is that it requires a lot time time to maintain these systems.

    Whilst GTD helps you becoming more effective there is still a lot of potential for each of us to become more efficient at what we do. I therefore created a blog where I collected dozens of tips and tricks on how to save time gaining an extra hour every day.


    Please feel free to comment or add more tips.


  7. John, thanks for dropping by the blog! I too have an app called reQall which is free and allows two way syncing for my iPod touch, it’s excellent! Looking forward to reading more from you!

  8. jkratz says:


    As noted on my own blog that you read I’ve experimented with GTD electronically (and continue to do so). Gotta say however that sometimes paper is just the best way to get thoughts down quickly ;) I actually bought a small Pentax page scanner to help with that (and other stuff…like filing receipts, etc) by getting hand written notes into the computer. Evernote has fantastic OCR built-in. You might want to give it a look.

  9. Hi John, thanks also for your comment. I’m with Davidabrahams – I’d love to see Jott in Australia too! It’s great to read about your success with Nozbe, I’ll be checking it out to see how it compares to Remember The Milk soon.

  10. Jkratz – thanks for the comment. I do use a scanner occasionally at work, since it is part of our photocopy machine and will email whatever I scan as a pdf or image file. And I do maintain a manila folder for each project, taking it with me to meetings, etc. so yes, I agree there will always be paper. But having my GTD actions and important notes and files with me everywhere I go has helped me be so much more productive and less stressed as I work on well over a dozen projects at a time.

  11. …in reply to your comment on my blog at http://pintooo15.livejournal.com/116403.html?view=107443#t107443
    Thank you John for sharing your blog post and also highlighting the one single concept GTD, that I was trying to avoid to not be caught in the same stereotype :P but then undeniably, GTD often is an ultimate goal towards which these tools are geared, but to get people started on these tools, they need to find out alternative ways to get familiar with the tools, and then become habituated to them.

    Additionally I’d say, don’t talk to your GTD apps while driving, you might get distracted and hit someone. :p :) keep safe.

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  13. В очередной раз благодарю, хорошие что есть такие люди как вы, которые дают дейстивтельно полезные советы:)

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