~Great New Apps for the iPhone – #1 Pandora Radio

In my last post I complained a bit (alright a little stronger than a bit) about the new native apps initially released from the new app store for the iPhone. But I ended that post by reporting that there was good news. Some of the many apps I’ve tried in the first month of the app store are very good to excellent and really show off the capabilities of the iPhone, and make my life more enjoyable at the same time.

So here is my #1 pick from the App Store with more to follow in future posts.

Pandora Radio

Pandora on iPhone
Pandora on iPhone

I cannot imagine a better application for the iPhone. My wife and I use it all the time. If you’re not familiar with the desktop application, you really should try it out. You pick an artist, song, or genre and Pandora delivers music similar to your selection just like a radio station, only without commercials. And as each selection plays, you just mark it thumbs up or thumbs down. The service uses your thumbs up markings to find similar music for your station, thumbs down skips the tune and moves on to the next.

I did check the Pandora website as I was concerned that this might not be legal, but their FAQ states as follows:

Q: How are artists paid when Pandora plays their music?
At Pandora we believe strongly that artists and songwriters deserve to be compensated whenever their music is performed. We pay licensing fees to SoundExchange, ASCAP, BMI and SESAC for all music that is played on Pandora. These payments ultimately go to the performing artists, songwriters, and record labels.

With that said, listening is great on your desktop, but what about in the car. Well the new Pandora app for iPhone fills the bill nicely. It works with wifi, 3G and somewhat over Edge. Sometimes Edge works as well as 3G and sometimes it buffers too much. I suspect the slow Edge connection is caused by excessive network traffic in a particular cell. But if you travel in areas served by 3G or a non-congested Edge network, you can listen in your car to commercial free music of your choice. And the more you use it, the better the music selections get.

The only down side to using this application on the iPhone is that the iPhone only allows one application to run at a time, so you cannot play Pandora Radio while browsing the net or your email or even taking a call. This is not true of the desktop application. With it you can leave it playing in the background while doing other things – in fact I have it playing right now as I write this post.

Oh and how much does this app cost? Nothing, Nada, FREE – Unbelievable! Next post will discuss more great apps for the iPhone, so stay tuned and thanks for reading. John

4 thoughts on “~Great New Apps for the iPhone – #1 Pandora Radio

  1. jbkendrick says:

    I just installed a new head unit with mini plug on the front in order to plug in my iPhone 3G. What a difference. I used an iTrip for awhile and most recently an FM modulator in line with my antenna, but they were both noisy with the phone constantly in use for data and email. Now, its whisper quiet and my music sounds great. And I hadn’t heard about the iPhone format, but after checking it out on your blog it doesn’t appear that it works with the prebuilt WordPress themes, or I just cannot figure out how to enable it. The FAQ indicates that the built in themes don’t allow downloaded plugins, is that right? Thanks for the visit Scott. Your blog was interesting, so thanks for sharing. John

  2. Choclatay says:

    Does the sound quality differ between Wifi/3g and EDGE? When using the Youtube application the sound quality is dramatically reduced when switched to EDGE from Wifi.

  3. Choclatay, I haven’t noticed any degradation of sound, however, I wear hearing aids so I’m not sure my opinion should be taken as fact. I can however, tell the difference between a 64k Pandora file and a 128K iTunes file. John

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