~Movies by Flixster – top pick for iPhone

As promised . . . here is one of my top picks from the iPhone app store. Movies by Flixster has to be one of the finest apps developed thus far. It has a gorgeous interface on the iPhone, incredible features, ratings and trailers. And it all seems to work great.

Box Office

You can scroll through the Box Office listing organized by Popular, Rating or Title by clicking on a tab at the top of the screen. Within the Popular screen, movies are further organized by “Opening this Week”, “Top Box Office” and “Also in Theaters”. And while scrolling, the appropriate transparent heading is maintained at the top of the page. This is some slick programming.

If you’re looking for a particular movie, just click on the Title tab and the movies are listed alphabetically.

Box Office listed by popularity
Box Office listed by popularity
Theatre listing by distance
Theatre listing by distance

And the screens summaries of each movie provide just enough information with name of movie, stars names, MPA rating, length and Flixstar Review Stars. I especially appreciate having the MPA and Review ratings on the first screen.

Upcoming Movies
Upcoming Movies

And then there is the theaters screen, where you can view by distance (nearest first) or by theater name. You can even mark your favorite theaters and they will retain their position at the top of the list. Select a theater and view movies and showtimes, address and phone number. And true to form, you can click the phone number to dial, or click the address to immediately locate it in the maps application. And you can even change a setting in the apps preferences and it will use the 3G GPS to locate theaters near your current location. This is the kind of integration you usually only see from Apple apps.

There is also an “Upcoming Movies” screen listing the movies organized by their upcoming release date. And DVD screen complete with a search utility to search for movies that have been released for home viewing.





Beautiful Trailers

This is the perfect application to show off all of the iPhone’s great features and the developers of this Movies app deserve an Oscar for producing one of the most mature applications available for the iPhone.

And did I mention it is FREE! Yes, I knew you were going to ask how much. Here’s another one that’s absolutely free. So run to the app store and get your copy right now before they change their mind!

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