~Creating Nozbe Templates

Here’s another quick tip on using Nozbe.  If you are like me, you have projects at work that are very similar.  If you’re scratching your head, let me give you an example.

I manage a computer training center, and have two major types of projects that comprise the greater part of my work, in addition to staff supervision.  The first involves preparing a computer lab with the necessary software installation and connectivity, along with preparing an instructor and providing course materials and exercises for the class.  The second type includes all of the above, but adds course development to the mix.  While things can and do change for each project, the basics tasks are always the same.

Here’s an example list of tasks.

  • Post Training Reporting and Critique
  • Deliver Training to Users
  • Announce Ready 
  • Conduct Dry Run for Instructor Prep & Testing 
  • Test Application 
  • Install or Deploy Application 
  • Schedule Lab Setup & Testing if needed 
  • Schedule and Confirm Participants 
  • Request Ticket for Addons or Installs Needed for lab setup 
  • Determine Lab Prep Needs
  • Schedule Lab
  • Create Training Schedule
  • Reproduce Final Training Materials 
  • Review Training Materials for Final Approval 
  • Develop Training Materials 
  • Schedule any necessary prerequisite training 
  • Determine Computer Skills of Identified Users 
  • Identify Users 
  • Determine Training Responsibilities
  • Review Project Schedule
  • Review Training Plan 
  • Review Communication Plan 
  • Meet with Project Manager

Now it would obviously take some time to enter all of these tasks into a new project.  But here is where Nozbe’s add multiple actions feature comes in.  This feature is available when you click the “New Action” button, and can be accessed by clicking the link entitled, “add more actions at once”.  You will then see a box in which to add your actions, one per line, as shown below.  You can even add parameters like contexts (see the context @CTC at the end of my actions), due dates, etc.

Adding Multiple Tasks to a Nozbe Project
Adding Multiple Tasks to a Nozbe Project

So the next question might be, do I have to type all of these actions each time.  The answer is no.  While there really is no Nozbe template feature at present, I found a way to make this process easy.  I created a project called “Project Templates” and put each unique list of actions in a note in this project, labeling it appropriately.  Then, whenever I need the list of actions, I simply open the appropriate note, Select All and Copy, and then Paste the list into the add multiple actions box, to add the list into the new project.

You can have an unlimited number of notes attached to your Project Template, so you can create as many lists as you need.  Its just a matter of opening the note, and copy paste.  I use this time saver all the time and it is a simple and elegant solution.  Just leave a comment if you have any questions, and thanks for reading,  John.

4 thoughts on “~Creating Nozbe Templates

  1. Danny Newman says:

    I too run a training business so this is so close to my use case it is unbelievable!
    Thanks for the tip – it will make my life easier

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