~Thanks to the GTD Community


Blog Stats
Blog Stats

I decided to take time out from writing my regular posts to thank the GTD community for their wonderful support and kind comments. The links, replies and messages I have received from blogs all over the world have been pouring in since I began my series of articles on GTD. I never imagined that my experiences and writing would have this kind of impact.

So to show my appreciation, here are links to many of the sights and blogs that have mentioned or linked to John Kendrick Online.  My hope is that my regular readers will help show my appreciation by clicking these links and reading these wonderful GTD oriented blogs. 

If I missed your blog, or if you have linked to johnkendrickonline.com since this post, just reply with the URL and I’ll add you to the list.  Thanks again to everyone, and thanks for reading, John.

Becoming a Writer Seriously

GTD Times

Did I Get Things Done . . .

6 W-Fragen für den Wochenrückblick 

The 2.0 Life

Gedankenstrich & links und rechts! 

zen habits tumblelog
The 5 Ws of the Weekly Review 

Stephan Miller
~Journaling Your Way to GTD << 

gtd and productivity links

(Affiliate showcase) John Kendrick and his GTD blog 

Blogs of the Day
Growing Blogs 

Pajama Professional
Trip Around the Blogosphere

3 thoughts on “~Thanks to the GTD Community

  1. They are page views Andrew. WordPress stats doesn’t currently provide stats for unique visitors, though that is a commonly requested feature. It would be of great interest to know the visitor count, along with observing how many return to the blog week after week. Thanks again for your numerous comments about johnkendrickonlne.com and your awesome blog. John

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