~Nozbe Remembers . . .

Here is a quick Nozbe tip for you . . . what, you don’t know about Nozbe, the greatest GTD (Getting Things Done) on the planet.  Well, if you want more details you can start here.

But for those that have been following my GTD posts and already know about Nozbe, here is a quick tip – Nozbe and iNozbe remember.

Here’s how it works.  You probably already know that you can attach multiple tags to a project. 

Adding Project Tags

When creating a new project,  simply type single words into the Project Tags field, separating each word with a space, as shown here.  To add tags to an existing project, just click the Edit link and add them to the same field, and remember to save changes.

Add tags to your projects.
Add Tags to Your Projects


Filtering with Tags

Now that you have some tags, you can use them to filter your Next Actions and Project lists.  Just click on the list box at the top of the Next Actions list, or click the tag desired in the cloud at the top of the project listing.  Instantly, your lists will be reduced to actions from projects containing that tag.

Filter Projects with Tags
Filter Projects with Tags


iNozbe Remembers Too!

Nozbe Remembers

This is the coolest part of using tags in Nozbe.  After you set the filter by selecting a tag, Nozbe remembers.  Try it.  Log out and back in again and Nozbe remembers.  Try another computer – Nozbe remembers. Try it on your iPhone, iNozbe remembers. Change the filtering tag on your iPhone and go back to Nozbe on the computer – Nozbe remembers.

This is a great time saver for me.  When I arrive at work, I set the filter to work.  Now I don’t have to see any of the actions except for my work life. And iNozbe on my iPhone already knows to show me work. When I get home, I set my filter to Home, so I see nothing but my things to do at home, and Nozbe and iNozbe comply.

Nozbe tags are another great feature with an unexpected and surprisingly twist.  Give it a try and thanks for reading, John.

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