~Pictorial Tour of Nozbe GTD – Next Actions

Since I’ve been writing so much lately about GTD (Getting Things Done) generally, and at times more specifically about Nozbe, I thought it might be useful to get a first hand look at how Nozbe helps me get things done on a daily basis.

Since this will be a lot of territory to cover, I’ll break it into several posts, and try to get them all up within the next week, so you’ll be able to see the whole picture.

While Michael Sliwinski, the creator and founder of Nozbe, has created great video tutorials designed to teach you everything you need to know about Nozbe; this series of posts, lets call them a pictorial tour of Nozbe, will help you get a quick, bird’s eye view of the application. But please, take the time to view the videos when you have time.

By the way, if you missed any of the other posts, you can find them on the Nozbe Tour page, or use the link at the top of this page to move forward in the tour.

So lets get to it, first stop is the heart and soul of any GTD.

Next Actions

Next Actions are where the heavy lifting is done. I try to keep my Next Actions list lean and mean with no more than one task per project. This is important as you can quickly be overwhelmed if you have too many tasks in front of you at one time.

Nozbe Next Actions Screen
Nozbe Next Actions Screen

What can you do in Next Actions?

  • Edit a task by double clicking anywhere in the task, or by clicking the edit button. Here you can change the task text, date, context and even move the task to a different project if needed.
  • Move a task within the Next Actions list, or to another project in the Project list by clicking and dragging with the hand button.
  • Delete a task by clicking on the X.
  • Assign a date and time to the task.
  • Check the task as completed.
  • Remove the star and confirm to remove the task from the Next Actions list, while retaining it with its project.
  • Show only 1 unfinished action per project.
  • Filter by tag, context or project.
  • Quickly move to the project containing the task, using the link immediately under the task text. I find this especially useful right before completing a task in order to easily obtain the next action from the project.
  • Click on the context icon adjacent to a task to display all actions in that context regardless of project.

Hover Buttons

When you point to a task, an extra set of buttons is provided which allow you to delete, edit or move the task by dragging it up or down in the list.

Point to a Task to Display the Hover Buttons
Point to a Task to Display the Hover Buttons

Print the Next Actions List

Using the Print button at the top of the Next Actions screen, you can print your next actions list in a variety of formats and carry it with you. Also note the Email and Feed buttons that provide additional choices in providing your list to yourself and others.

Print in a Variety of Formats
Print in a Variety of Formats

That’s it for Next Actions, but we still have a lot of bases to cover, so stay tuned for a tour of the Project screen in the next post, and thanks for reading,   John.

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