~Pictorial Tour of Nozbe GTD – Projects

Welcome to Part II of the Nozbe Pictorial Tour.  In the last post we focused on Next Actions, so please take a look at that post if you missed it.  By the way, if you missed any of the other posts, you can find them on the Nozbe Tour page, or use the links at the top of this page to move forward or back in the tour.

This go around, we’ll take a look at the Projects screen.


A project is simply a way to organize a group of tasks that support a specific goal.  You’ll see some examples as we tour the Projects screen.

Nozbe Projects
Nozbe Projects

What can you do in Projects?

  • Create a new project with the New Project button.
  • Edit the Project title, description or tags.
  • Assign a color to the project.
  • Mark the project complete.
  • Reactivate a project that was previously marked completed.
  • Add actions to a project with the New Action button.
  • Edit a task by double clicking anywhere in the task, or by clicking the edit button. Here you can change the task text, date, context and even move the task to a different project if needed.
  • Move a task within the Actions list, or to another project in the Project list by clicking and dragging with the hand button.
  • Delete a task by clicking on the X.
  • Assign a date and time to the task.
  • Check the task as completed.
  • Click the star to add the task to the Next Actions list.
  • Add a note to the project.
  • Add a file to the project.
  • Display the actions that have already been completed.
  • Click on a tag in the cloud at the top of the project list to limit the projects displayed to those with a specific tag.

Add a Project

A new project can be added by clicking the New Project button and completing the project title, description and including any desired tags.

Add or Edit a Project
Add or Edit a Project

Other Project Actions

Using the links under the project description, you can also share the project with others, edit the project, remove the project and all its tasks, or complete the project.  Once a project has been completed, it can be reactivated if necessary.

Project Extras
Project Extras

Nozbe is so easy to use because of its many options.  We’ll take a look at another important GTD feature in the next post – Contexts, so stay tuned and thanks for reading.  John

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