~Pictorial Tour of Nozbe GTD – Extras

In order to finish up on our tour of Nozbe, we need to cover the extras.  And Nozbe has a list of extras that will make the finest GTD envious, and it’s growing everyday.  You can locate more information on these great features using the Extras tab at the top of your Nozbe account.  Check back often for new surprises!


My favorite Nozbe extra is the quintessential GTD for the iPhone that will keep you connected while on the go.  See the iNozbe Tour for all the details.

iNozbe Next Actions
iNozbe Next Actions


Just point your mobile browser to nozbe.mobi to access the app for all other smart phones out there.

Nozbe Mobi
Nozbe Mobi


Mac Widget

Did you just think of a new action to add to your GTD?  You don’t need to fire up Nozbe just to add a task or two if you’ve downloaded the Mac Dashboard widget.

Nozbe Widget for OS X
Nozbe Widget for OS X

Google Gadget

Do you spend your days in Gmail?  Well, Nozbe’s got you covered there too with the new Google Gadget.


Gmail Google Gadget
Gmail Google Gadget




Talk about extras.  Jott is another of my favorites.  Do you ever think of something (or ten things) that you need to remember while driving?  Don’t wait until you can type it in – just call it in to Jott.  This service transcribes your voice message, and using a Nozbe link, automatically sends it to your GTD, where it will be waiting the next time you log in.  And don’t miss the Jott reminders.  I use them all the time to send myself an SMS message for those very important events that I don’t want to miss.

Sending Tasks with Jott
Sending Tasks with Jott


Now I have to admit, that though a geek, I don’t tweet.  But I know many of you are tweetaholics, and think to tweet is so twitteriffic.  So why not send a tweet or two to your Nozbe account, just one more of the extra ways you can get your actions and notes into your “trusted” system.


If you want to roll your own application, Nozbe also provides the API key you need to communicate with Nozbe in your application.


There is help a plenty with Nozbe and the Nozbe user community.  Get up to date on all the Nozbe news in the Blog.  Or join the Nozbe Forum and ask away – or just lurk if you wish.  And Nozbe tutorials are the best in the business.  Tricks of the GTD trade abound in these concise videos that will make sure you understand the “why” of GTD, while allowing you to get the most out of your Nozbe account.


Nozbe Video Tutorial
Nozbe Video Tutorial

Well we did it.  We’ve completed the last post of the six-part Nozbe Tour and I hope you found it helpful. But don’t take my word for it, give it a try yourself.  Go ahead, sign up right now for a free Nozbe account and experience what a first rate GTD application can do for your productivity.  

And thanks again for reading.  John

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