~John Kendrick Online Featured in Productive! Magazine

productive_magazine_01pdf-2I am very excited to announce that John Kendrick Online has a featured article in the premier issue of Productive! Magazine.

That’s right, The Five W’s of a Weekly GTD Review, which posted last month, and was such a big hit in the blogosphere, is alongside an exclusive interview with David Allen, GTD Guru and author of the best selling book, Getting Things Done.

And that’s not all, the November issue of Productive! Magazine has 16 other great articles that are sure to increase your productivity.  You won’t find another magazine as chock full of productivity tips as this one.  And these articles were written by top bloggers and productivity experts from around the world.

Here’ a list of the articles you’ll find in this issue.

And the best news of all is that this premier issue is free!  Don’t waste a minute.  Get your free download and subscribe for free for a limited time, as this offer may not last long.

Thanks to all of the faithful readers who have made this blog a success, with just short of 9,000 views last month alone.  And thank you for your kind and thoughtful comments over the past year. I really appreciate it, and thanks again for reading.  John

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