~Catching Up . . . He’s Back

Where Have You Been???

I know I have some explaining to do about my whereabouts over the past several months.  The ingredients of my neglect of the blog included some real overload at work and some blogging burnout; which culminated in a couple of trips to the hospital that resulted in a week long incarceration  (I mean recuperation) in the hospital.  Thanks to all who have asked about my health.  All seems ok for now, and the doctors seem to have my illness under control.

I realized while ill that I need to spend more time with family, and less time visiting with my computer, so my blogging habit has been, and will continue to be more brief.   I do intend to periodically share what’s on my mind about technology, the iPhone, GTD, GPS and other topics that interest me, and seem to be popular with the readers of this blog space.

What’s Up with GTD

My GTD (Getting Things Done) is alive and doing very well.  Sometimes I think too well, as my trusted system often makes me feel too comfortable about taking on new projects even though I am already 100% committed.  Taking on too much is a real danger, especially, if when moving to GTD, you throw prioritization out the window as many do.

I believe that this aspect of task management has been laid aside by many converts to GTD, and may be the most important weapon missing from many a GTD’ers arsonal.  This causes many to only work on small pebbles and sand, instead of the big rocks, and is a recipe for disaster.  But I’ve found ways to incorporate this critical element into my GTD routine.  The most important is a quick review of my most important and urgent tasks at the start of each day.  In my current system, important tasks get flagged, and urgent tasks are placed in hard landscape (read dated) so that they don’t miss my attention.

What’s New with iPhone

How about iPhone 3Gs?  Yes, I was there for the launch, and yes I was there for a good while before the launch – actually the night before launch.  It wasn’t necessary, but now its become a tradition, and one of my few excentricities, so forgive me.  I’ll have more to say about the new model soon, but as a tease, I’ll just say that its faster, double the ram, and double the storage space, and of course with 3.0 software that does soooo much more.

You’re Tweeting

Yes, I’ve caught a bit of the bug of social networking, so I’ve added a link to my infrequent tweets for those that may want to follow me.  That’s it for now . . . stay tuned and I promise to try to keep you posted.  John

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