~Nozbe and Evernote, A Marriage Made In Heaven

I’m a died-in-the-wool GTD’er, and have used GTD applications to get things done for well over two years.  What I’ve found during that time is that as good as many GTD applications are, they just don’t cut the mustard when dealing with notes.

The Nozbe GTD application has a lot going for it, simple interface, ease of use, web-based availability to all platforms, a great calendar and multiple integration with the likes of Jott and Twitter.  But recently they’ve raised the bar for all other GTD applications by integrating their GTD with Evernote, the defacto standard in web-based note taking applications.

This was an incredibly smart move on the part of Nozbe developers.  Instead of trying to build a note taking feature into their application, they integrate their GTD application with  the best of breed note taking application – the ultimate mashup!

Evernote Integration with Nozbe

I’ll leave it to the founder of Nozbe to provide the details on the simple process of integrating Evernote with Nozbe, including a video tutorial, and leave you with some examples of how I use notes with my projects.

The best part is that Evernote can handle any kind of notes I throw at it, and by simply adding a tag that matches your project name with the note, they are immediately available right alongside your Nozbe projects.

There are many flavors of useful project notes.  Here are some examples I use most everyday.

Project Notes

These are notes that expand on the project name and give it context and more detail.

Action Notes

This type of note is added to a task to clarify the details of the needed action or result.

Information Only Notes

There are often occasions when I want to capture information about a project, even though it calls for no action.   This type of note often comes from email messages and is more convenient when stored in my GTD with the related project.

Web Clippings

Many projects start with some research.  This type of note is useful to capture information obtained from web searches, or documentation of some activity on the web.


Since I write a lot of documentation, screen shots are a big part of my life.  There are times when I’d like to just capture some screen shots and store them in my project, so they are quickly available when I begin writing.

So there you have it, a great new addition to Nozbe integration.  We’re excited to see Nozbe grow and continue to provide leading edge GTD capability.  And stay tuned in to the blog for upcoming posts on the new Nozbe iPhone app currently under development.  I’m sure its going to be great!  Thanks for reading, John.

2 thoughts on “~Nozbe and Evernote, A Marriage Made In Heaven

  1. Dave Parente says:


    Do you still use Nozbe? I thought you used Omnifocus. If you use both, I would like to know a little more about how you use them.

    1. Dave – You are correct, I still use OmniFocus, in fact if you look closely at the screenshots in this post, you will notice that my examples are from OmniFocus. But I still follow Nozbe closely, supporting them as a Beta tester, and am always excited to see Nozbe grow. I do believe Nozbe to be the best GTD application for cross platform use and for beginners, but I need the power tools that only OmniFocus provides to manage my industrial strength projects. And I really wouldn’t recommend trying to merge two GTD applications into one GTD system as I think it would get very confusing. Best to try as many as you can, and then pick one and stick with what works for you. My thoughts anyway . . . thanks for reading, John.

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