~The New Faces of Nozbe

Finally, the last major limitation of Nozbe has been overcome . . .two faces

I’ve long held that Nozbe is the premier general purpose task management system, and much of the reason is that it has always been an easy to learn and use web-based application, available to both Windows and Mac users alike.  As such, if you’re a Windows user at work, but prefer OS X at home, Nozbe has you covered.

But its strength in this area always had one weakness . . . what to do if you don’t have an Internet connection. For that reason, many users  preferred a real client application, so that they could work in their “trusted system” whether or not they were online.

The problem is that most GTD applications were written for one or the other, but not both major OS’s.  A prime example is the industrial strength OmniFocus application which is available only for the Mac, leaving Windows users without any non-mobile options (though they do have very good iPhone and iPad apps).

Today, Nozbe changed all that when they announced the release of two new client applications, one for  Windows and the other for Mac OS X.

These two new apps join their tried and true web-based application, as well as the iPad, iPhone and Android apps users of those platforms have come to rely on for mobility.  This makes Nozbe one of the very first, true multi-platform GTD applications.

What they did right . . .

How about a Windows app that looks and works exactly like its Mac counterpart.  This is extremely rare – in fact I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a Windows and Mac app that are exactly alike.  Even browsers like Internet Explorer look  quite different in Windows and OS X.

So here’s what the Windows version looks like . . . and other than title bar and menu, this is also what the Mac version looks like.

Viewing project task list in Nozbe for Windows.
Nozbe for Windows and Mac look just alike with the exception of the title bar.

Both versions have an easy to use mouse driven interface, that includes lots of new features.

What could improve . . .

Part of the simplicity, and I suspect similarity of these apps, is that they don’t take advantage of the keyboard, make virtually no use of the menu in either OS, have no right-click context menus, and don’t appear to interact with their respective operating systems to any degree.  Having said that, the Mac app does make use of one of the newest features of OS 10.7, Lion’s full screen mode.

If you’d like more details, be sure to check out the FREE screencast and download links for each of the new applications.  After using the link to reach the home page, click on the “Nozbe GTD Blog” link at the bottom of the page.

Thanks for reading ~ John.

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