Another Update on Google Maps

To follow up on my last post, Google is really ramping up adding features to Maps. Just a few days ago we saw the Add a Report feature to report a crash or speed trap, and today, I clicked on a reported crash, and was greeted by the ability to confirm that the report is still accurate. This is a great addition, to an already great feature.

One thing Google does need to look at though, are the alerts for those reports. Unless you have full sound enabled for turn-by-turn instructions, you will miss the audible alerts. For some reason the audible alerts are not spoken when sound is set to Alerts Only.

While its been around a while longer, I also love the “Share trip progress” available from the navigation menu. I use it to send my trip progress in real time to my wife so she knows when I’ll arrive home from work.

Good stuff from Google. Thanks for reading, J

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