Gmail hits the big time with the new right-click menu

If you use Gmail as well as another email client, perhaps at work, you undoubtedly like me have long wished that a right click on a message would bring you the host of actions that are available from other email clients.

Gmail’s New Context Menu

Well, finally Gmail has hit the big time and caught up with those other clients and in some ways surpassed them.  And the star of the show is the new context menu available by right-clicking any message.

This new menu is super good news as the fourteen options available for any message are available with a single click.

Snooze Email Until You’re Ready

imageI especially like one of those actions in particular coming from Google’s Inbox experiment where it was one of my favorite features.

You can can easily delay action on an email message and get it out of your way by Snoozing it.  Just right-click the desired message, click Snooze and then select one of the preconfigured options, or pick your own date and time.

When that time comes around, your message will magically reappear in your inbox ready for your scheduled action.

Right-Click for Multiple Messages

And don’t miss this final trick.  If you want to perform an action on multiple messages all at once, use the select box to select the messages, including all of them in the current view, and then right-click any of the selected messages to display the context menu or just click the appropriate action button to the right of the select box.  Most of the options for a single message are available here.

So there you have it, more goodness from the decades old Gmail which seems to be adding new tricks everyday.

Have fun, and thanks for reading.  J

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