Switching to Apple

After 20 years as a PC trainer and consultant, in 2006 I switched to Macs and OS X. Since that time, I have purchased three iMacs, a MacBook Pro, Airport Extreme and Express, and of course an iPhone. And I’ve helped my entire family switch to Macs.

Read my first takes on the switch in an article I wrote at the time. If you’re asking yourself if its time for you to switch, this article might help in answering the question.

Switching to Apple (pdf)

Mac Purchasing Tips (blog post)

5 thoughts on “Switching to Apple

  1. John,

    After suffering through Vista on a work-loaner laptop, I feel I’m ready for a Mac. Recommendations for a Mac laptop? Is the MacBook Pro really worth the extra expense over a regular MacBook?


  2. John, my older parents are constantly crashing their two windows-based desktops. They get every spyware strain known to man and install/reinstall/remove a new application every week. I’ve spent hundreds of hours over the last few years repairing their gear.

    I too had seen the apple shops popping up the mall, and was toying with the possibility of switching them over to macs. I think you just sold me!



  3. jbkendrick says:

    If you’re like me, you won’t regret it. You just need to be sure you know what critical Windows applications you currently use and have a plan for there use or replacement on the Mac. For example, you may want to purchase Office for Mac, so you have Word, Excel and PowerPoint at the ready, though you won’t have VBA available. Or, you may want to install and run Windows with a virtualization program like Parallels or VMware. I would also highly recommend you read my post entitled What’s the best and cheapest way to buy a Mac, if you haven’t already for some tips on saving money. Gook luck, the adventure of switching is great!

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